Gospel star Dangelo Busuulwa rubbishes lover claims


By Paul Waiswa ​

Singer Dangelo Busuulwa of Omwaka Guno fame has dropped another bombshell. Busuulwa who is famous for his widely known gospel hits such as Omwaka guno Imana ifite, Nzinira yesu among others has denied causing controversy in new release.

The gospel singer has dropped his latest single dubbed ‘Tweyagala’ that has left the gospel world wondering if the singer still sticks to his ethics of spreading the gospel through his music as it was his mission before

In an interview with the celebrated singer in the gospel circuit, Busuulwa has rubbished allegations that the song Tweyagala is an open dedication to his Baby mama saying it is a song dedicated to his fans who are off the shelve, adding that it is not the first time he is singing about love.

He says fans are of different affiliations and ideologies and since majority of them are mature enough and already taking their relationships on at the peak of specific hidden challenges, he thought it wise to record a song that can be enjoyed by those off the shelves, relieve them and make them forget about the difficult moments.

Gospel singer D’Angelo Busuulwa has categorically denied that his new song is about a new lover (Photo: Paul Waiswa)

“Sometimes love too heals some mental challenges and just in case one listens to such a soothing genre, definitely he/she has to be cooled down and get easy with any antagonizing situation’, the singer told our entertainment desk.

In his song titled ‘Tweyagala’ it heaps praise for love and not lover. He adds that it is a wrong perception by many Christians that singing about love deserves secular artistes explaining that they too perform on weddings, introductions among other events.

Dangelo Busuulwa has in the past done glorified songs that have even won him accolades and among them Ndayira, Omuliro, Wanjagalako ki, Imana Iffite, Abade Katonda, Akuzaalira and lately Big Daddy. He is set for a concert in October at Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala.


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