I can’t flop like Keko- Vinka

Vinka says haters have buoyed her to work even harder and top the charts

By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Veronica Luggya a.k.a Vinka has cleared air over claims from the media that she will flop under Sony Music.

She said that she is not like Keko or Naava since people have got different chances and luck.

Years back, the Sony Music signed musicians like Keko and Naava and many Ugandans thought that these would be like Wiz Kid, Davido, Yemi Alade but things did not turn out well for them. Keko has since gone off the musical radar.

Singer Vinka has told her doubters to wait for her to shine (Photo: Hussein Kiganda)

Naava is trying out but not the way the public thought she would be. It is like people expecting you to grow into a very huge mountain and you instead become an anthill.

However, during the release of her first song “My Baibe” under Sony Music, yesterday, Vinka confirmed that her success will be bigger than expected because she is different from Keko and Naava.

“All people are different. I am different form Keko and Naava. Their music is not my music. We have different chances. For me, I hope to grow bigger under Sony Music…, “Vinka said.

On top of that, she told Tidal digital presenter James Propa that she was not completely away from Swangz.

“I will break for you Sony, Tsunami and Swangz. Sony is the overall label that signed me. Swangz manages me for Sony in Uganda and Tsunami manages me internationally for Sony…,” she clarified.

The Love doctor hit maker was live on Facebook on MTN TIDAL premiering her song “My baibe.”


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