There’s no beef with Salvador- Muhangi


By Chrismas Mucunguzi

When the man from ‘Ombokolo’ Patrick Salvador revealed his weekly comedy show styled ‘Just comedy’ at Kingdom Kampala, some people soared into conclusion that he had started the show to directly compete with Alex Muhangi who also host a weekly show hail as ‘Comedy store’. It was success as the show did not only get a huge crowd but also saw comedians at their best.

All this came from the fact that while Muhangi was still hosting comedy store from Diners Lounge in Bukoto, he and Salvador bumped into some differences that made them disagree with one another but they later solved. But being in the public eye, people thought their grudge was still on not until when Alex Muhangi turned up for the first appearance of Salvador as comedy night.

Alex Muhangi attended Salvador’s maiden show titled Just Comedy. (Photo: Chrismas Mucunguzi)

Alex Muhangi was in company of three other people and they were offered a VIP table at the front and on a number of times, Salvador sent shout outs to him. Eric Omondi, that was presenting the act credited the Ugandan comedians for putting on a display unity amongst themselves.

Patrick Salvado says, “there is no bad blood between me and Muhangi, yes we had grudges but later resolved them, me starting my own comedy didn’t mean I was competing with Alex Muhangi.”

“The problem with people is you can never know what they want, and sometimes they think when you have encountered differences with any person it doesn’t end, take it from me there is no bad blood between me and Muhangi” he added.

Salvador says that his issues with Alex Muhangi were solved in the past (Photo:Paul Waiswa)

Salvador distanced himself from the rumors of enmity saying that the shows happen on different days, attract different classes of people, and possess diverse concepts and goals.

However, some critics have fault finders have already proclaimed that Salvado is being jealous of Muhangi’s success and hence starting up his own weekly show as a stand solution.

Ugandan entertainment business competition is easily translated into beef.

Rascal Poshie a comedy lover says, “I can’t attend Wednesday and Thursday same week, we don’t dig money thou we would love to have the fun out there”

“They should rather join hands, otherwise they got big names to attract audience which in turn they will flop too” he added.

“Salvador himself is fantastic but his move happens at a time I would say he’s ‘wrong’ Muhangi’s thing is just at the apex…….it’s really going to be a great deal to have such a project get to the top” Fortunate Joram comedy fan said.


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