Vinka releases first single under Sony


By Hussein Kiganda

Veronica Lugya a.k.a Vinka, the new icon signed under Sony released her very first single ,” my baby” on Facebook live last Friday. Using MTN-TIDAL ,the “Chips N Ketchup” hit maker premiered her song and advised more musicians to embrace digital music promotion which she thinks is the trending lifestyle worldwide.

” I am happy to premier my first song under Sony. In Uganda, it is hard to promote music because it involves manual involvement, sending it to different people and so on. However, I urge all Ugandan musicians to embrace digital promotion by using platforms like TIDAL in order to push their music beyond borders…,” Vinka said.

Vinka revealed that MTN and Tidal have played a great role in the promotion of her music (Photo: Hussein Kiganda)

She went ahead and thanked MTN and TIDAL for playing a great role in the promotion of her music because her music had ran to many places.

“I thank MTN and TIDAL for this. My music is now doing good in South Sudan and Kenya. It is also penetrating Tanzania and Rwanda. I hope it to be at a worldwide basis in time to come…,” Vinka said during the premiere.

TIDAL is a subscription-based music podcast and video streaming service. The Kampala Sun talked to James Propa, the presenter who presents on the TIDAL Show that premiers music videos to find from him if TIDAL was to stop on only Vinka. He told the Kampala Sun that they are intending to continue premiering music videos for all musicians in Uganda.

” We are not stopping on Vinka, TIDAL is going to continue doing these online premiers for different artists in order to boast digital promotion in Uganda. I just urge all Ugandans to join TIDAL in order to push this music industry across borders…,” James said.

Vinka’s rapper success is like a plague that has no cure. The way it spreads at a high speed, it is like a mystery.


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