Cindy releases Boom party jam


By Derrick Asaba

Celebrated dancehall artiste and vocalist, Cindy Sanyu, lately popularly known as the ‘King Herself’ has fed her fans with a new dancehall jam, Boom Party.

The jam is an audio production of Zuli Tumz, one of the biggest producers in town. This is a one-off song from Cindy’s album, ‘Kisses at 3 am’ that shields a lot more songs.

From the listener point of view, it is a nicely cooked meal that will send clubs and party animals mad dancing to it.

They say lies spread faster but the truth comes halfway its run. Following the beef that had the country in arguments, Cindy must be having sleepless nights to validate her superiority.

Cindy has released a club banger “Boom Party” (Photo: Courtesy)

It was a musical rant between the King Herself (Cindy) and Swagg Mama (Sheebah) that meant to prove eachothers’ stand as per music.

This was followed by lightning songs from either party that were characterized by their thoughts of either party.

Many music lovers, however, argue that this is a healthy battle that has woken up the duo out of their comfort zones and do ‘work’.

Cindy, also offered her ‘Copy Cat’ beat to fellow artistes like Spice Diana, Feffe Bussi which many said Sheebah couldn’t for her ‘Kimansulo’. The claim is valid, though.


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