From comedy, Kansiime now tries music


By Derrick Asaba

Renowned comedian, Ann Kansiime also known as, ‘Girl from Mparo’ seems to have been completely bought by music though she still does comedy online. She has proved to the world that she is multi-talented.

From comedy to acting, writing, now to music.

The Queen of comedy joins her sister, Shine Omukiiga, a western based musician and Vision FM presenter in Mbarara who is also doing fine in the industry.

Anne Kansiime has received rave reviews since her single song, “My Africa”

At the time, she counts over six songs like Humura, Museveni ain’t loyal, I wanna dance, Kigezi, among others.

She has of recent dropped a video for her new single titled, “My Africa” with Sasha Vybz behind the camera. The song praises Africa and its beauty in all its lines.

A few days back, Kansiime put up a challenge on her social media platforms tasking her fans who could sing along her ‘My Africa’ song to record themselves and enter the draw.

The challenge is still up and the winner will not only win money but also will be hosted with their two friends at Kansiime backpackers at the shores of L. Bunyonyi for the privates only listeners party on Aug, 24.


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