John Blaq accused of stealing song

John Blaq has been slapped with a travel ban from the US

By Hussein Kiganda

Thick voiced singer Kasaada John a.k.a John Blaq recently released his latest song “Maama Bulamu”. No sooner had it hit the airwaves than he was accused of duplicating the song.

An upcoming singer Hajarah Nassuna, a.k.a Jera claims John Blaq duplicated her work.  Jera had also recorded a song called, “Taata Bulamu”

According to a voice note which an online promoter, Kim Extended logic, sent to the Kampala Sun, Jera’s manager Jamiru Jamal explained that they had made the song with producer kings love who had even wrote it and they took it to producer T.O.N for mastering.

“We had made the song with producer King’s Love and we took the song to T.O.N for mastering. Unfortunately, we heard almost the same song from John Blaq recently and we wondered how it could have been a coincidence. We are yet to talk to his management and find out what to do…,” Jamiru said.

It is clear that Blaq recorded his song with producer Wani of Master Mind Records and therefore there couldn’t be any away Jera’s song could have leaked.

However, speculations are there that Blaq may have sneaked and got access to Jera’s song since T.O.N is the studio from which he records most of his songs.

Viola Nakitende has accused singer John Blaq of sampling her song, Taata Bulamu (Photo: Instagram)

However, as if to precipitate the fire, Viola Nakitende also released her recent song called,” Tata Bulamu’.

This has made things worse because Nakitende’s manager, Diggy Baur, also claims that they had recorded the song earlier even before John Blaq’s release. The Kampala Sun talked to Kim Extended Logic, who had asked Baur on the issue.

“Baur told me that Viola had recorded the song earlier and it had been kept. When they had John Blaq’s release, they decided to also release theirs…,” Kim explained, having talked to Baur.   However, he said that John Blaq’s manager was not picking.


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