Singer Ziggy Wyne’s last moments relived


By Paul Waiswa

FALLEN Fire base singer and people power supporter Michael Kalinda best known as Ziggy Wyne will be laid to rest in his ancestral home village in Ntoroko district tomorrow Wednesday. Ziggy was kidnapped, tortured and later dumped in Mulago hospital.

According to his fiancée Hope Munanga, it was a Sunday when his husband told her, was going to town in Kampala and little did they know that things were to fall apart. Ziggy rarely went to town on Sundays but on that day, she does not know what made him go to town.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says they are going to review CCTV footage to establish who dropped the singer at Mulago hospital

At dusk, she waited for him and he was nowhere to be seen. At 9: 00 pm, Munanga tried his phones and they were off. She first thought it was a battery problem until late in the night when she re-tried but all was the same.

On Monday morning, she tried contacting friends of Ziggy and all were not aware of his whereabouts. She reached out to some relatives and also hired one local who went through Kamwokya, Mulago and Kyebando announcing a lost and missing person. This did not work out and after some days we reported the case of a missing person to police. Munanga adds on that they distributed photos of Ziggy all over the streets of Kamwokya, kalerwe, Mulago, Bwaise and Kyebando in addition to carrying out seach in various clinics and Mulago as well.

Hope Munanga, one of Ziggy Wine’s women is being consoled by a close friend (Photo: Courtesy Bukedde)

After a while, one of the doctors narrated the scenario saying he was brought a week ago by un identified individuals who brought and dumped him in hospital and went back. On his arrival in hospital, Ziggy was able to speak his names and a phone number that they could call on and let his relatives aware of the situation. Unfortunately, no efforts were imparted in as requested by Ziggy to let his relatives aware.

“We arrived in hospital and found him smelling badly because clotted blood had started decaying thus producing bad odour. The eyes had lost sight as one of them was plucked out with two of his fingers cut off. At the helm of this pain, he had never been given any single or simple treatment neither had he ever been given food” said Munanga Hope, Ziggy’s fiancée.  Ziggy was dumped at Mulago hospital at 2:00pm on Sunday, the day he left home for Town.

According Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, a case for a missing person was opened close to two weeks by the time of his death but the family did not work tirelessly hand in hand with the police and left matters on social media. However, he has requested the family to work with police and find out who the kidnappers and killers were. Enanga also added on that police wants CCTV footage of the hospital to probe Ziggy’s death.

According to Sophie Gombya president of Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), efforts are being put in place to trace for the killers.

“We have lost many artists including Dans Kumapeesa, Radio, AK47, Sera, and Beenie Venture among others and no police report has ever been produced. Since now there is a formidable association, we shall demand for a report concerning Ziggy’s death”, Sophie Gombya said.


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