Mr. Cavendish University shines in the fashion world


By Derrick Asaba

Mr. Cavendish University 2018/2019, Okorji Richard Chimezu is registering success in the fashion world.

The very first Mr. Cavendish, is a renowned model who started this way back in 2014 in Ghana, a year before he relocated to Uganda for education.

Okorji Richard Chimezu (centre) is registering success in the fashion world. (Photo: Derrick Asaba)

Chimezu has walked most of the biggest shows in Uganda like ASFAs (Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards), and recently walked in the Uganda International Week that went down at Serena Hotel on Sunday August, 4.

He has been nominated for Mr. Africa United (South Africa), Face of Africa and Most Influential Youth (Nigeria) which is expected to go down by October this year.

He has modelled at the ASFAs and the recently concluded International Fashion Week (Photo: Derrick Asaba)

Chimezu says he isn’t a token type and does modeling to inspire people which at the same time has opened bright doors for him. He spent two years in Uganda minus modelling but thereafter fashion agencies liked his work and took him up.

He holds a degree in Biochemistry, degree in Telecommunications engineering and is to start on a Masters Degree in Business Administration as of August, 2019.
Away from Mr. Cavendish, Chimezu is a marketer and handles social media. He also plays instruments particularly keyboard in Redeemed Church of God, Mbuya where he prays too, regularly.


  1. I have known Richard for some good time he is very good at everything he does my he go big in Mr Africa, all the best buddy u have all my support 💪🙏🤗

  2. Mr Rock as we fondly call him, back in the days,has been a very influential young man, i think in many ways, he is neat,intelligent,and the warmest of friend if one gets to know him, he is that kind of a guy, one will always love to copy cos of his healthy lifestyle,(king of rivers house) back then, i admire his efforts and always prays for him as a friend,Mr. Cavendish University is of no doubt the best quality model i have withnessed what more can i say, more grease bro.

  3. Most trusted model
    I know, innocent, humble and friendly to everyone… Becames more serious when what’s something..

  4. Okorji is a wonderful model to work with. I have walked with hom before, He is down to earth. He deserves this…

  5. Kudos to you brov. More and more greater things ahead. May God continue to open doors for you. Stay humble but also stay hungry for more.


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