Namubiru gives Blaq’s song, ‘Makanika’ a fresh breath


By Derrick Asaba

The ‘Nkuweki‘ Singer and Vocalist Iryn Namubiru has made a cover for John Blaq’s single, ‘Makanika’ which has rejuvenated the feel of the song.

The two great artistes with opposing voices have been converged by song lyrics. Music lovers say Namubiru has justifiably done service to the song as if it were truly hers.

A fan on twitter tweeted, ‘Thank you Iryn Namubiru, we can now listen to what John Blaq sings’ implying that his words were hardly listened to but heard.
Namubiru says she loves John Blaq’s voice and style because it’s unique and on this ground, she whence proved her love in the artist’s song.

John Blaq confessed he is humbled by Iryn Namubiru doing a cover for his Makanika song (Photo: Derrick Asaba)

John Blaq is known for his uniqueness in voice which has along won him a steadily rising fan base within and outside the country boarders.

She says, she has never met John Blaq one on one but the two have been sharing dialogues via social media.

Namubiru’s version of ‘Makanika‘ is a production of Daddy Andre. However, due to the sound of the cover, the duo’s (Blaq’s Makanika and Iryn’s cover) were mixed for a remix which neither artiste had consent to.


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