Yiya Mozey struggles for comeback


By Hussein Kiganda

Yiya Mozey whom many knew while still one pair of duo singers Yiya and Ziza, is struggling to come back into the lime light

In 2018, the star tried his luck with some good songs but True Lady was one of his best that year. However much he tried, things never turned out good for him.

As the year started he released several songs but of all, my woman is his leading song so far. The song is receiving massive airplay on almost all local music channels.

The Kampala Sun asked some people in Kibuli to gauge the star’s chances. Many of them believed he could but amidst hard work.

Diana Mutesi said,” he is good but he was reluctant.

Mbabazi Racheal said, “no, I don’t think he will manage the competition. Even Ziza is down too, what of him. May be if he works harder…,”

With Ziza Bafana, they sang songs like namagalo, tebakulimba, killing me softly and others. Apparently, he has songs like wifey, true lady, kyusa embeera, my woman and many more.


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