Fresh Daddy features in Fresh Kid’s video


By Mary Nambwayo

It was total happiness when everyone was watching  Fresh Daddy and his son Fresh Kid dance in the same video.

This  happened at a certain warehouse at Makindye Kizungu when Fresh Daddy had come to monitor his son so that after the video shoot they could go back home.

Fresh Daddy (Extreme Left) was on set as his son shot the video for his song tip tap (Photo: Mary Nambwayo)

But as Fresh Daddy moved around he saw that he was doing nothing,he started to dance with some of the dancers which featured in “Tip Tap” video for Fresh Kid.

Kids doing the Tip Tap dance on set as Fresh Kid shot video (Photo: Mary Nambwayo)

Francis Kamoga manager to Fresh Kid said that they wanted to change Fresh Kid’s music style so that he can move from the sorrow music like “Bambi” which he has been singing for sympathy according to the situation,to the music of life that’s y they decided to do “Tip Tap”


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