Top West African singer DJ Arafat dies in road crash


By Paul Waiswa

The entertainment industry with its fans in Ivory Coast is in deep grief and sorrow due to the sad news that broke out yesterday.

DJ Arafat, an Ivorian singer with a huge following in francophone Africa, has died after a road accident in Abidjan, the state broadcaster RTI said yesterday Monday evening.

“Death of artist DJ Arafat… today at 8am as a result of a road accident overnight,” it tweeted.

According to messages and pictures circulating on social media, he had been driving a motorbike and smashed into a car. Critically injured, he was rushed to an Abidjan hospital, where he later breathed his last.

Born in Abidjan in 1986, DJ Arafat, real name Ange Didier Huon was devotedly followed in French-speaking western and central African countries.

He issued 11 albums, mainly of “coupe-decale”, a dance music form combining choppy rhythms with hip-hop-style vocals.

Ivorian Culture Minister Maurice Kouakou Bandaman expressed his condolences and said a tribute would be organized to honor the fallen musician.

Who is Dj Arafat

Dj Arafat was the son of Tina Glamour, also an artist, born on January 26, 1986 in cocody, Ivory coast

 He is considered one of the most popular African artists in Francophone countries around the world. DJ Arafat was one of the first musicians living in theIvory coast to have achieved one million you tube views in less than a day. He accomplished this feat with his song, “Moto Moto”.

On 12 August 2019, Arafat died in a motorcycle accident in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. His motorcycle was said to have collided with a car on Sunday, August 11, 2019. He was subsequently admitted to a clinic in Abidjan for a skull fracture before eventually dying at around 8 am GMT on 12 August 2019.


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