Radio presenter begs ex for second chance


By Hussein Kiganda

Morning saga host at Galaxy FM, Dikhanio Da Brazilian, was spotted by snoops kneeling before his ex-lover Maco Collins, a presenter at City TV.

The morning saga presenter who split up with the slay queen in 2017 was spotted at Moonz Bar, last Sunday, at 9:00 PM crawling back to the ex.

At the bar, Dikhanio nearly slept on the ground begging his ex to come back and warm his frozen bed. As he held her hand, the slay queen kept on insisting that the comeback was not possible. It was until Maco refused to adhere to the pleas of the presenter that he desperately let her go, though even a young kid could see it in his eyes that he nearly wanted to shed tears.

She dumped Dikhanio for being an unserious man in their relationship (Photo: Hussein Kiganda)

The Kampala Sun followed the slay queen, who works at City TV, an online TV, on a show called Luxury Fresh, and asked her why she had rejected the famous presenter.

The slay queen revealed to us that the presenter was not a good husband since he always got angry over simple things. She also added that the presenter used to treat her as a kid by slapping her.

“Dikhanio is a good guy but a fake husband. He does not know how to handle ladies. He used to get angry over simple things. He could even see me as a kid and always slapped me. For us women these days, we cannot stand that…,”

The slay queen added that she would have given him a second chance but she has another man who cares.

“If I had not got another guy, I would have given him a chance but i have a handsome and caring guy,” she said.


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