Ziza Bafana comeback strategy flops


By Hussein Kiganda

The self-proclaimed Katonda Wa Ragga, Ziza Bafana, is struggling to bring his name back onto the lips of Ugandans but this seems to have failed.

The dancehall king went silent at the start of last year and since then, Ugandans have picked up on Latimun, Vyper Rankings, Zayipa and others.

Ziza made up a strategy to bring himself back into the limelight by doing the following;

Organized a press conference to announce his come back but people have not seen this come true. We never thought that even musicians could call for press conferences but he is the creative fellow who has done this.

Double release and premier. The king of ragga released two songs at once to prove to the world that that he is back on to the music alter but people seem not to notice his presence. His songs, “kingdom” and “ ebizibu” are indeed good songs which have even received 34.6k views and 56.5k views respectively but have not yet impressed TV Radio presenters to the fullest. Their time on air is too limited.

Bafana Sang thick Patois in his song “ kingdom”. In his earlier songs, this kind of thick Patois was not always heard since he majorly sang Luganda that used to be in for of tongue twisting. This time, he is twisting Patois.

Accept it or not that the singer has added some thickness in his song “kingdom”. If listened too by a musical mind, a comparison with his earlier bangers would reveal that the singer has added another vibe on the thickness of his voice.

However, all these done, the dancehall star is still unnoticed since it is evident that the rate at which his music used to play on air wave, two years back, is four time more than this one now. Will he still make it as he used to?


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