My haters can go hang- Nwagi


By Stella Naigino

Following her erratic behavior at St Mary’s College Kisubi, local artiste Winnie Nwagi has lately come under a barrage of attack. The singer has confessed haters won’t leave her alone.

They keep minding her business and many tend to advise her on how to dress up since she is a mother.

However, Nwangi referred to such people as haters who are there to portray her as a bad person, but they will not succeed.

 She has asked whoever feels uncomfortable with her dress code to go hang and stop minding other people’s business.

“I was raised well and I used to wear all kinds of cloths. From mini skirts and dresses to long ones so I dress in a manner that pleases me and no one can change that, “said Nwagi on a local tv station.

She added that those who keep reminding her about her being a mother should know that she is a good example to her child so it’s better they find better things to do other than thinking about her who is building her career.


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