Ugandans living large in Dubai


By Hussein Kiganda

As other Ugandans cry out for help, in claim that they are mistreated in Dubai, others are seriously chewing dime and wondering which Dubai their fellows went to. 

You may even wonder if these fellows are really in Dubia or the virtual Dubai because it may make you want to fly to Dubai the next morning.

The Kampala Sun crossed borders using “Facebook Airways” and caught up with some of these.

Shafic Ssempogo in an undated picture

Shafic Ssempogo is a Ugandan boxer who has made dime in Dubai and is enjoying life every single day. He is always posting on all his social media platforms photos of him swimming, flying and in expensive hotels. He seems to be having a pock that stinks paper. As we talked to him, he said that life was as good as he expected it.“ 

Shafic Ssempogo is living large in Dubai

 Life is good man. It is sweet when you have dime this side, I have got cash now…,” Shafic said.

The pugilist brags about having bottomless pockets

Another  person enjoying the swift winds of Dubai Claire Kalala. The lady seems to be enjoying cash as though it is just picked on a tree.

She is always out on shows, swimming and many occasions. Could she be the next Zari? She is also does her hair from expensive salons in Dubai.

Clare Kalala is living large in Dubai


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