Artiste fumes at being called “upcoming”


By Hussein Kiganda

A few days ago, of the local newspapers wrote about an upcoming artist. The artist called Eddy Profit who was called an upcoming artist became too furious and he took his anger online to prove that he was not upcoming.

However, most of the people that commented on his post told him that he should accept the upcoming tag.

Eddy Profit who recently released a song called “ntigatiga” with Mun G thinks it is a hit so wrote on his timeline,

“Journalists are trash.  How can you write that I am an upcoming artiste yet I have big tunes out,” he fumed. 

Anyway, how many people in Uganda know this artist sincerely? 

The only good fact about him is that his face is a cake to ladies and the song “ntigatiga” is a good one.

Let’s wait for him to announce on TV that he is not an upcoming.


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