Ray G trashes Spice Diana love rumour


By Hussein Kiganda

Reagan Muhairwe a.k.a Ray G has confessed his feelings for singer Hajarah Namukwaya (Spice Diana).

The artist who conquered western Uganda with his vocal hit songs like; mureebe, owangye, hiihi and many others however reveals that  he is not dating Spice Diana as they are just music partners. 

“Me and Spice, no we are not dating…,” he said as the conversation started.   He however confessed he is in a relationship.

Ray G has trashed rumours romantically linking him to Spice Diana. He however confesses he admires her (Photo: Courtesy)

” I am seeing someone and I am not ready to out her in the public,” he said.

He admits that Spice is a very pretty lady and he admired her not just as a musician but also as a woman.

“For Diana, I like her. Actually, not just liking her but loving her. I love her, yes I do. I love her very much because she is a good girl. I actually do not love her just as a musician but as a woman, she is very beautiful…, “he confessed.

After realising that he had said it all, he hesitantly said that he did not want to have an affair with her but just love her.

“I do not want to have an affair with her. It is not the love of having an affair but just love because she is very beautiful. She is nice…,” he said.

However, few days ago, Spice Diana told Spark TV that the two were not dating. Some people still think that she was lying because it is already in their song that she is supposed to keep quiet on that and then talk to only Ray G on it.

In some lyrics of the Omusheshe song, Ray G asks her to keep quiet on their love and talk only to him.

” nobwoku hunama ogamba nanye..” Meaning that even if you keep quiet and talk to me…”

This phrase could have been a reason for Spice’s denial. As it is universally known that when one is in love, all she minds about is the one she loves. In their song she sings;


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