By Reagan Ssempijja

Under the scorching sun, foodies flocked to Lugogo Cricket Oval in large numbers from 11:00 am. The biggest percentage of them were high school kids and a few grownups who had some time to spare. As one entered Lugogo bypass gate, a strong aroma of mixed rolex cuisines would hit them straight in the face, arousing hunger and anxiety.

Besides the ordinary rolex of chapatti, eggs and tomatoes, the rolex hungry revelers had more flavours such as chicken, beef and dried bamboo shoots (maleewa) at their disposal. The maleewa rolex was the most sought after. However, it was not as delicious as many thought it would be.

Hundreds of first timers were seen fidgeting as they tried to figure out how to hold the rolex. Slay queens as they like to be called, could not help but cut the rolex with a knife, something that looked really ridiculous to a professional rolex eater.

Slaying rolex

With more than 30 rolex vendors, there was more than enough for the many fans that turned up. Beef and chicken barbeque was also in presence, but unfortunately it was not given much attention.

To lighten peoples’ bellies that were visibly full, musicians such as Feffe Bussi, Sheebah Karungi and King Saha set the dancing mood in motion. Getting on their feet was really hard. Perhaps the rolexes should have come after the performances. Eventually, when Sheebah stepped on stage, fans had recollected enough energy to dance to Sheebah’s Wankoona, and King Saha’s Biri biri.

Unlike the previous festival at Uganda Museum where kifeesi thugs took over the show, security this time was tight. it was hard to even think of causing any chaos due to the alert local defense unit officers who were standing everywhere. Since the festival was dominated by teenagers, it was closed by 8:00 pm.


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