By Julius Senyimba  

Is he a talented musician vocally? Well, that is question for another day, but one thing we are certain of is that he is an energetic performer. Roden Y, better known as Kabako, gave Club-organised Masaka Street Jam revellers value for their money.

After a two years break, the return had to be massive and Kabako did cover-up the void of Jose Chameloene who was out of the country. The crowd loved his 45-minute act. He went topless, sang on top of tables, chairs and demarcation stands, barely reaching any of his songs midway.

Like a possessed man, he traversed the entire venue as he made rounds to the ordinary and back to VIP a couple of times while dripping like a Wandegeya summersaulting TV chicken. 

Away from Kabako, the crowd was entertained by King Saha, Rema Namakula, Snake and Zolo, Winnie Nwangi, Gravity Omutuju, Maulana Kasozi and Haidari Yusufu Reign Keiz and a number of Masaka based artists.  ​


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