By Derrick Asaba

The year 2019 so far has shone brightly for diva, Iryn Namubiru. She has managed to remain relevant in the media.

Namubiru released Gutojjere mid this year, as well as Yimbula. The two ballads buttered her up before her music lovers.

The voice that has made the Nkuweki hit from the early 2000’s was revived when she did a cover to John Blaq’s Makanika. This introduced Namubiru to new fans, particularly Blaq’s younger following, as many argued that they can now listen to what Blaq sings via her melodic voice. Namubiru undoubtedly understood the meaning of this and released a new single titled Byendi Byoli.

Byendi Byoli is a reggae song produced by Andy music. She is set to premiere the new song, along with Yimbula and Makanika at Royal club on August 30.


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