Is Rena Nalumansi expecting manager’s baby?


By Musa Ssemwanga

Renah, formerly of Dream girls hired Justin Bas to take care of her musical career after her separation with Suudi Man

But later, Justin also started taking care of her personal life by starting a relationship with her although both have been denying it all this while.

Before Justin was a one Kyazze the father of her first child who they later separated with.

Kyazze bankrolled her career before separating and this saw her book collaborations with Jose Chameleone, Dizzy nuts and others.

Justin Bas and Renah are said to be expecting a child together (Photo: Instagram)

After their break up, news made rounds that Kyazze moved to the UK and not much was heard from him since.

In his absence, Justin Bas is taking on both the daytime and night duties properly, sources confirm.  Renah has also given some subtle hints. 

Speaking to Rena about her pregnancy last weekend at a certain event in town, she was happy and excited about her pregnancy.

‘I am a woman and am expected to conceive, so am happy ‘ she said with her ear to ear smile.  When asked about the father, she coyly smiled.

`Renah is the voice behind songs like ‘Nyongera’, Ontambuza’, ‘Kubila nze’ and ‘Omukwano gwo’ among others.

Renah and Justin Bas are  part of the newly formed Uganda Musicians Association Committee.


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