Winnie Nwagi Set for Swangz Avenue exit


By Paul Mayambala

The relationship between singer Winnie Nwagi  and  Swangz Avenue has broken down yet again.   Latest reports coming in show that the record label bosses, Julius Kyazze and Benon Mugumbya are ready to count their losses and let the masuka singer leave.  

Reports indicate that her bosses are no longer on talking terms with their artiste.

It is said that Nwagi is so stressed and wants to quit the label and struggle on her own, after her bosses failing to organize her concert since she joined the label in 2014.

Sources say that these days Nwagi talks to them through an emissary.

Sources reveal that Nwagi was incensed after realizing that the management doesn’t have any plans to organize for her a concert this or next year.

Winnie Nwagi’s relationship with Swangz Avenue is frosty

The `Mataala’ singer feels that the label has taken her for granted for the years she has been churning out hit songs.

Nwagi was left gloating about the label’s dedication of their efforts to her counterpart singer Veronica Lugya alias Vinka, who signed a juicy deal with Sony Music a few months ago.

Word on the street has it that Nwagi feels the label has neglected her music career by failing to convince any promoter to buy her concert such that she can be like her female contemporaries, yet she feels she has a bigger fan base and better songs.

It is indicated that out of frustration, Nwagi has kept displaying unprofessional conduct like abusing journalists, harassing Producers, and being violent with her fans so that Swangz’s image also gets affected and they let her go before the contract expires.


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