Nyege Nyege party animals irrigate trees, bushes


By Ahumuza Muhumuza

After forking out sh200,000 to attend this year’s Nyege Nyege festivities, the least attendees expected was decent toilet facilities. But either greed got the better of the organisers, or they they decided to promote sustainable living by encouraging revellers to irrigate the bushes with their urine, (or is it susugate?). Unlike last year where there was freedom to pee, before one was allowed to pee this year, they were required to part with sh1000 to access the washrooms. The many backpackers, hippies and Ugandan corporates who had saved for the whole year to attend the event were obviously not going to take this lying down. Moreover, because they were gulping down copious amounts of Uganda Waragi and Bell Lager, they had to “go” several times each hour, which could have quickly pushed up the cost of peeing if they had agreed to pay. Many a reveller, therefore, chose to ease themselves in bushes and on tree stumps like horny dogs marking their territory.


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