Nyege Nyege revellers camp at Uganda Waragi


By Ahumuza Muhumuza

Anyone that thinks face painting, superhero costumes and games are a preserve of children’s festivals such as Toto, has not been to Nyege Nyege. The four day festival at the source of the River Nile in Jinja provides an excellent opportunity for adults to stop pretending to be all grown up and serious; and to instead unwind. An opportunity for their inner child to escape and get silly and naughty. And that is why droves of revellers flocked the Uganda Waragi tent. Here, they were spoilt for choice, playing games such as such as four in row, tic tac toe, jenga, scrabble and cards, while sipping coconut and pineapple spirits at discounted prices. Other than pay up to sh120,000 for a tent or hotel accomodation, many revellers chose to camp under the moonlit Uganda Waragi shed, using the money they saved to sample the different Uganda Waragi products at the source of the Nile. Those who had one too many sunk into the comfortable cushions, waking up to treat the hangover with even more Uganda Waragi. By Sunday evening, hordes were still flocking into Nile Discovery Resort for the climax of the international festival.


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