Nyege Nyege’s sh15k rolex leaves slay queens starving


By Ahumuza Muhumuza

Munange, there’s finding a sponsor with shaky teeth to part with that sh150k to get you to the Nyege Nyege festival, then there’s getting there and failing to afford the food.

The cheapest thing at the event was rolex; regular at sh5k, rolex with meat at sh10k and chicken rolex at sh15k. Hot looking slay queens would draw near the rolex, stand humbly, managing a sh1k from their hot pant pockets, only to be told off by arrogant rolex masters.

“If you can afford to pay sh150k to come here, you can afford the sh5k. Don’t waste my time,” one rolex maker was heard telling off a ka poor hungry girl, who was still recovering from the shock price.

She was seen staggering towards Jinja town to find the cheaper version of the same.  

The craftier slay queens would buy a rolex of sh5k and divide it into three equal parts; breakfast, lunch and supper. 


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