Irene Ntale staying away from Bobi Wine and politics


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Irene Ntale seem to have flipped around all her old plans and ambitions after signing with Universal Music, Nigeria. She is one of the artistes that worked with singer-turned-politician, Bobi Wine on the controversial Engule song. While it threw some of the acts in panic mode, most prominently Pastor Wilson Bugembe after political pressure group, People Power picked it up as an anthem, she defended her choice and said she had no regrets.

However, while having a question and answer session with her fans on Twitter, she made it clear when one of her fans asked whether she would work with Bobi Wine. She replied: “I am staying away from politics.”

The irony is that a few months ago, she took to her social media pages rallying her fans to support her in a bid to become Kampala mayor.


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