I have never slapped Fresh Daddy – Aganaga


By Ahmad Muto

Reports have been circulating that singer Khalifa Aganaga slapped Bad Character artiste Fresh Daddy several times during the filming of his new video Bakyawa.

Aganaga says this rumour is being peddled by his detractors and claims that they want to steal the Mazike singer from him claiming they are going to organise for him a concert and record an album for him.

He has specifically mentioned events promoter Abitex accusing him of being behind all the bad publicity and rumours.

“He says he wants to use Fresh daddy yet he has been around for a long time with legendary artistes and failed to make money, but ruined their careers. He should stop frustrating upcoming artistes. He is now trying to create situations to confuse,” lamented Aganaga.

Fresh Daddy says he has been called many times being asked about it, but they have never fought and it did not happen in Natete where they shot the video.


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