Rema jabs Kenzo, Muzaata supports her


By Ahmad Muto

At the slightest chance Rema Namakula gets lately, be it at social gatherings or on social media, she reminds her fans she is no longer with the BET award winner, Eddy Kenzo and does not associate with the name.

While at an event recently, when asked to greet the gathering, she straight forward introduced herself as “Rema Namakula, Ssebunya’s wife to be”, to their excitement.

Hardly had social media users gotten over it than muslim cleric, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata came out in full support of Rema, saying she did the right thing and the public, especially the media should stop seeking his opinion.

He claims they are looking for his comment because he stopped the parties that were planning to contest Rema and her ‘gynecologist’ husband, Hamza Ssebunya’s wedding set for next month.


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