Bebe Cool still reasons like a child – Ronald Mayinja


By Paul Waiswa

LAST Friday night Golden Production Band singer Ronald Mayinja while at Serena took on an action that majority came up with different opinions and criticism some saying it was the only chance left for him to deliver the massage in the song while others believe he wrongly acted on stage when he performed his song ‘Bizeemu’.

Among those who have turned up against the singer is Gagamel boss Bebe cool. However, Mayinja has come out and viciously responded to Bebe Cool’s attack where he compared his old and latest photos on social media.

Mayinja’s response to Bebe Cool comes after he turned out to be a hot topic in the entertainment fraternity for performing his Bizeemu song in front of President Yoweri Museveni during Catherine Kusasira’s ‘Tears Of A Woman’ concert. In a lengthy interview on one of the Kampala based radio station, Mayinja is clearly heard expressing that meeting the President is such a big deal to Bebe Cool because he reaps huge sums of money.

He went on to reveal that Bebe Cool got angry because it seemed like he lied to the President that things are okay yet it is the opposite. Therefore, his performance of ‘Bizeemu’ must have come as a shatter to his deal.

Mayinja added that it is a pity Bebe Cool still has a childish way of reasoning as he quoted the Bible in 1st Corinthians where it says, “When I was a child, I talked, thought and reasoned like a child.”

He furthermore threw more shade at the Gagamel singer adding that the grown-up Wire Wire singers’ arguments are too weak to consider them as a public argument. He concluded by also revealing that Bebe learned English yet he saw a few chalkboards something that is tormenting him so much.


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