Gulu’s ‘Shame of Puberty’ nominated in the Syn Art Awards


By Derrick Asaba       

The 2019 Big Syn International Film Festival (BSIFF), London, is celebrating art that inspires millions create a responsible future for all.

Shame of puberty, a Gulu made award-winning short film premiered almost a year ago in Gulu and has currently been nominated under the category, ‘People’s choice award’.

Since premiere, this simple but strong story with versatile themes has gone places near and far. It has faced Film festivals and screenings in Nepal, Kenya, Uganda and presently in London, UK. This film will be competing with other films from world over that addresses pertinent issues in society.

This tells a story of a 14 year old Akello who is impoverished but open minded and sees a chance of rejoining school through the school project competition but her menstrual periods occur out of the blue in the presence of boys with no money at hand to buy sanitary pads. She opts to overcome the problem in a unique way according to the film Director, Ojok Francis Odong.

As filmmaking in the North takes it to the peaks, supporting our very own does no harm as the saying of late, ‘Buy Uganda, Build Uganda.’ 


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