Nwagi tight-lipped on maid assault case

Winnie Nwagi is wanted for assault

By Ahmad Muto

Swangz Avenue’s Winne Nwagi must be going through some sort of mid-life crisis that has thrown her on to the edge, making her the poster child of adult tantrum.

In her area of residence – Kikaaya, around Bahai – she is widely known by the police and residents for violent behaviour and not her music.

Yesterday it emerged the singer beat up her maid, a one Scovia Nagayi she had been abusing for a while for going to her home in Kiboga without seeking permission. It is said she had gone to seek treatment for a medical condition related to her uterus.

However, when she run to nearby Kikaaya Police station to report the case, she was told by the police that they are tired of handling the singer’s cases that fill up their case log.

Nagayi is accusing Nwagi of beating her up, tearing her clothes and asking her to leave at late hours.

The broker who got Nwagi the maid, a one Musa Byandala also called her out for bad behaviour and being a difficult person to deal with.

WInnie Nwagi is wanted for assaulting her house manager (Photo- Instagram)

She hang up on a Bukedde journalist who called her seeking a comment and has continued to elude them, perhaps waiting for Swangz to apologize again on her behalf.

Meanwhile on social media, it’s like all her fans either don’t have data to defend their favourite or they look beyond her stardom and are the ones trolling because, there is no defence for her whatsoever.

If you Googled Winne Nwagi now, results will show “erotic dance”, “assault”, “police case”, “Pornography” and a host of other bad content.


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