People Power’s Joel Senyonyi trolled over white woman


By Ahmad Muto

People Power spokesperson, Joel Senyonyi opened a pandora’s box on Wednesday when he shared a photo of himself with a German lady he referred to as the chairperson of a powerful political entity.

“She’s the President of the Youth league of a very powerful political entity in Germany. These fellows really have political waka (work), so I’m busy taking a leaf, infact the whole forest!” he captioned.

However, his followers and People Power fanatics were not amused and instead went for him bare knuckles. They bashed his choice of a white woman over them (Ugandan women), his virginity and expressed frustration at who will marry them if all young people now want white women.

People Power’s Joel Ssenyonyi was blasted in an online rant (Photo: Internet)

One social media user in particular posted on a facebook group calling him out for ignoring them yet they have studied and “pulled.”

It is important to note that Senyonyi didn’t introduce the lady by name but instead by title and also didn’t insinuate or hint that she is the one. 


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