B2C’s Julio tight lipped on dating Rema


By Joan Murungi

B2C’s Delivad Julio is one of the guys named to have dated singer Rema Namakula. Many got to talk about their closeness after the B2C’s trio collaboration song (Gutujja) with the Sili Muyembe singer.

During an in interview recently, Rema pegged her closeness to the B2C simply because her daughter Amaal loves the trio so much. She added that this as to why she did the Gutujja collaboration song with the trio.

Rema and B2c featured in a song. Right above her is Julio Delivad (photo. Facebook)

Even after this revelation, this never stopped many from exaggerating on how she has been dating B2C’s Delivad Julio. He has never come out to clear the air about this allegation.

During an interview at Vision group’s head office, Julio was asked whether he has ever dated singer Rema Namakula.

He instead smiled at the question as passed it over to his compatriots Bobby Lash and Mr. Lee. They also made the question a laughing stalk and went silent.

The B2C is a trio of comprising Julio, Bobby Lash and Mr Lee.

Recently in an interview, singer Rema Namakula vowed never to date anyone in the music industry once again.


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