Dancehall Queen Bella struggles for comeback


By Hussein Kiganda

The ‘dodo’ hitmaker’ Queen Bella is struggling to push her name back into the limelight but it seems to be failing.

With her latest song ” Tuli mubwenzi” has not received the warm reception she anticipated.

Critics claim that she is elevating fornication among the youth. The song is literally interpreted by some people as,” we are in fornication because we have nothing to do.” In one of the verses, she mentions that people should not report her if she is found fornicating because it is the trend today.

A wounded struggling Buffalo does anything to stay alive especially when circled by a prime of Lions. This seems to be the same with Queen Bella.

Since she last grasped the audience with her ‘dodo’, the audience has forgotten the name Bella. If you asked some one Deejays of this generation who Bella is, they would say it is a wine brand.


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