Dr. Jose Chameleone cleans up Twitter account

Chameleone has cleaned up his account and is following only Weasel and Pallaso

By Paul Waiswa

It is said we learn from friends and those we consider vital and influential in the society. After being unfollowed by the President of Uganda or rather his administrator, Jose Chameleone has not been a slow learner to fulfil the old adage that tit for tat is a fair game as has not taken Twitter lightly.

The Maama mia all-time hit maker has done some cleaning up and has been left with only 108 accounts to follow and only two of those are Ugandan artistes.

It is not in any disguise that Dr. Chameleone only decides to follow his two brothers Pallaso and Radio and Weasel.

This has drawn tension and panic among his music and political fans if the decision to show his position will not affect any of his careers and mostly the political life.



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