SK Mbuga shares prison experience


By Paul Waiswa

City tycoon Sulaiman Kabangala alias SK Mbuga has come to a new lease of life after spending close to two years in jail. He was first detained in Dubai where he had gone for hospitalization following an accident that nearly claimed his life. While in Dubai, Mbuga spent close to two years before he was airlifted to Sweden to answer fraud related cases.

While in the Swedish prison, Mbuga engaged in short courses that saw him learn Spanish and Swedish, a package offered by the Swedish government to prisoners in addition to getting enlightened about the law.

SK Mbuga was welcomed by friends and family after his stint in jail (Photo: Paul Waiswa)

While in prison since he was not a convict, he could not access any sort of medication despite of the unhealthy situation he was going through at that time. He was denied access to anybody apart from his children and wife.

Since he was not communicating to any one, the tycoon just wondered how information that circulated in media was originating from. “All said about me in media was propaganda and greatly influenced by a group of mafias”, he noted.

He vows to sue the Swedish government for compensation over the damages cause. He revealed that while in jail, he received medication on his account in addition to what was paid to his lawyers, including other costs.

He was overwhelmingly welcomed by fellow city tycoons who included Don Nasser, Juma Seiko and Sipapa. Mbuga has attributed his free to the Ugandan government that stood along with him at all levels. He also added that had it not to be Uganda’s parliament through speaker Kadaga he would not have been in position to be out. “the government supported legally that everything is or was done on a clear and clean basis.


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