Muhangi stops comedians from soliciting money from the audience


By Ahmad Muto

City comedian and host of Comedy Store, Alex Muhangi has now stopped all the comedians he invites to his shows from soliciting money from the audience during their performances.

He argues that it comes after concerns raised in the last few days about the vice and because their goal is to is to provide the best experience, they cannot let it continue unchecked.

“Our attention has been drawn to concerns raised in the last few days regarding the issue of performers (comedians) soliciting money during their on-stage performances.

We assure our audience that going forward, any conduct that goes against the set standards will not be tolerated. Measures have already been devised. We also appeal to the audience to in the same spirit not be the ones prompting comedians to solicit money,” read the social media post in part.

This week, a one Emmanuel Okiror, a comedy fan, shared his frustration in one of the local dailies where he stated that he was disappointed on Wednesday last week after a comedian jumped off stage into the audience and could not stop begging, to the extent of kneeling. And was disrespected when he did not give money. “I was called names, abused and left broken before my colleagues and flashing cameras,” he wrote.


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