Crysto Panda hits back at Mc Isaac


By Joan Murungi

When purple party took place in Hoima last weekend, a number of artists showed up to entertain revelers.

Some of these artistes included John Blaq, Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine and many others.

All went well at the fun felt event. It’s  not until renown Mc Isaac ambushed the T-Nation presenter (Crysto Panda) on stage, grabbed a microphone from him and condemned him for masquerading as an Africell Ambassador whereas he is not.

Crysto Panda swallowed the embarrassment and stayed silent about it. Having noticed that a number of blogs have made it an issue on their social media plat forms, he posted.

“That’s life mwatu but all I do is laugh off some things. I always let people watch and judge who is right, wrong and who is simple. All in all, respect is everything to me, “Crysto Panda revealed.

Crysto Panda also says that he has never had issues with Mc Isaac.

“We are friends but I don’t why he reacted like that, “Panda added.

However, close friends to Mc Isaac say that he was drunk by the time he attacked Crysto Panda. Mc Isaac is a presenter affiliated to a local TV station

Early this year, Africell’s former marketing coordinator Mohammad Yahfoufi unveiled Cyrsto Panda as the new media ambassador for Africell.



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