I apologised to DJs to save my career – OS Ssuna


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Omulangira Ssuna who is currently working on a comeback says the time he criticized Ugandan DJs in the past for not playing his music, he overreacted.

After a while he realized they totally stopped playing his music, he decided to apologize to them.

He says they have the biggest platform. “At first, one of them called telling me I was pulling a stunt for a new song. I decided to come up and do what I consider manly – to apologise,” he says.

He also notes that the DJs have a lot of solidarity beating artistes at things they could have done because they are busy frustrating eachother. “We are busy bringing down each other. We don’t even respect music collaborations. When we do, it is like a tag of war filled with ego,” he adds.


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