Maddox thrills sell-out crowd at Sheraton Hotel concert


By Nicholas Oneal.

Is Maddox Sematimba a legend? If the surging numbers are anything to go by, Jose Chameleone should take several back seats to watch and learn.

The crowd is patiently waiting for Maddox Ssematimba (photo Nicholas Oneal)

There is a steady stream of revellers from all age groups snaking to the lush greenery of Sheraton gardens. They started as early as 5:00Pm and shortly before 9 Pm, the ordinary section is full.

The VIP section still has some breathing space, hours before Maddox performs (Photo; Nicholas Oneal

If we are to describe the average Maddox fan, well, from what we see here, it is a boobs galore. Female fans, some born after he sung his banger Namagembe in 2000 have pumped their breasts, you cant help but ogle. The Ziwuuna band is presently entertaining the fans..

Female fans form a bulk of those in attendance (Photos; Nicholas Oneal)
Getting Jiggy with it. New Vision CEO, Rovert Kabushenga among those in attendance (Photo: Nicholas Oneal
From Asia with Love: Madoxx’s fan couldn’t resist the urge to dance as he belted out his ballads (Photo: Nicholas Oneal)
Crowd jostles for vantage spots as Maddox performs (photo: Nicholas Oneal )
Brotherly Love: The Ebonies Group led by Samuel Bagenda A.k. a Bbosa get jiggy to Maddox’s songs (photo: Nicholas Oneal)
Full house crowd cheer as Maddox performs (Photo: Nicholas Oneal)
Selfie time: Maddox fans capture a memento moment during his performance at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel (Photo: Nicholas Oneal)
Busy fingers: Vision group’s CEO Robert Kabushenga tweets live during the concert at Kampala Sheraton Hotel (Photo: Nicholas Oneal)


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