My bad relationship with Muhangi is fueled by rumours – Salvador


By Ahmad Muto

According to comedian Patrick Salvado, his relationship with fellow comedian Alex Muhangi is not at its best because of the people in their circles and mutual friends.

He says people tell him things that they claim Muhangi said and do the same to him and they don’t get to talk about those things one-on-one.  

“Our relationship isn’t good because of people and not our own making. They will come and tell me stuff claiming he said but I don’t call to ask, keep things in the heart, yet it’s what we would have done many years ago. So yes, there is a problem,” he said.

He also mentions that people are generally not happy for him. When he starts a show, they say it competition, but when others start, they say the industry is growing. But he adds that despite their shaky relation, if Muhangi invited him to perform at Comedy Store he would do so without hesitation because they go way back. 


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