Smack Down! Sheilah Nduhukire schools Kalyegira on Twitter


By Ahmad Muto

Journalist and social critic Timothy Kalyegira on Monday morning took a swipe at the East African Got Talent competition that wound up on Sunday. He wrote it off for giving young people a platform to do already made hit songs instead of writing and recording their own. This was after Ugandan duo Ezekiel and Esther won the contest.

He tweeted: “Do you deserve to win a talent show by singing established pop songs (in effect Karaoke), or if you’ve got talent you demonstrate that by composing and singing original songs? Just a Monday morning thought.”

However, it has attracted a plethora reaction from the public mostly calling him out for being a sadist. Among them was renown media personality Sheila Nduhukire who replied: Hi Tim, until you design and make your own camera, can you stop harping on about how you’re the best photographer South of the Sahara?”

And yes, Kalyegira has hyped himself many times referring to himself as a good photographer people should hire.


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