Golola’s movie premiere set


By Paul Waiswa

AFTER silencing fellow kick boxer Umar Ssemata in a fight that lasted for less than 9 minutes at Freedom city, arrogant and motor-mouthed fighter Golola Moses revealed he was about to release a movie he named life of a champion.

He praised himself being the best fighter in Uganda and said he was left with doing a movie featuring his course of life in kickboxing.

A poster announcing the Golola movie (photo: courtesy)

 The latest received at out desk indicates that an Ng Films and a Wakali wood action packed movie named ‘Life of a Champion’ starring kick boxing phenomenon Moses Golola is one of the most anticipated Ugandan films of the year 2019.

Life Of A Champion is produced by Innocent Kawooya and co- Directed by IGG Nabwana, Richard Nolton Ssekiwunga and George William Ssevubya the movie premieres on 1st November at Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall.

The story, mostly based on true facts, takes Golola to a faraway retreat in Kabale, around Lake Bunyonyi where he prepares himself for the fight of his life against four challengers; a gang of merciless fighters.

It will be his last chance to prove to the world that he can really defeat all his key opponents.

Preparing himself mentally, Golola fasts, prays and trains for 90 days.

Then midway a beautiful, young but heartbroken Rwandan refugee woman comes looking for him with a request to help her take revenge.

This cinematically beautifully crafted film bears all the trademarks of one of Uganda’s most amazing and world renowned film companies, Ramon Film Productions, Wakaliwood.

In association with HiPipo, and NG Films, they brings us a Ugandan take on that intricate mix of humor, action and spiritual depth that the Hong Kong action/kung Fu movies are so well known for.

Golola, the master of fabulous one-liners – making women pregnant by just looking at them – is as always the star of the show, mesmerizing his audiences with his jocularity and muscular might.
Life of a Champion premieres on 1st November at Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall.



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