Has Kenzo found Rema replacement?


By Hussein Kiganda

Independence Day came as both curse and blessing to Eddy Kenzo. As it the day unfolded its wings, Kenzo posted on his social media handles a lady whom he thanked for being a good Ugandan though she was born in Germany.

A lady with simple dimples called Mellisa who was reciting Uganda’s national anthem was thanked by Kenzo for her patriotism.

Kenzo purred online about Mellisa, which made fans draw conclusions (Photo: Internet)

“Born in Germany but very proud of her motherland. Thank you Melissa…,” Kenzo wrote and posted a video in which the lady was singing  the national  anthem.

This was seen in another dimension by most of his fans on social media. Some asked him if this was the replacement. Some of them advised him to have Melissa as Rema’s substitute since she also had dimples.

Dreckstar Bahat wrote,” simanyi Oyo yemukyaala waffe?”

Wahab Muzamil

“Wabula Melissa oyoo hmmmm Kasita Nate ayina dimple.”

Symons Pita

” Oba kano tukafule ka replacement ka Rema, wama muzuuza nteeseza bubi?”

However, some fans compared Melissa to Rema and said that Rema was class apart.

Noah Sinjah said, ” hahahaha! Olaba synchronization egaana na Rema, do you think this will happen? Guys, let’s be fair to my boy”

Whitney Wilhelmina Rock said,” by dimples bwe butono, tebwenkana nabwa Rema. I don’t know whether that lady will be replaced.


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