Kenzo consoles self as Rema hosts new man


By Hussein Kiganda

Yesterday, as Hamza Sebunya went for “Kukyaala,” the Bibaawo singer Eddy Kenzo was busy consoling himself in order to let the world know that he is not bothered. He put to his social media handles that he was very strong as ever before.

” stronger than ever.Everything happens for a reason. ALHAMDULILLAH,” He wrote.

However, some of his fans replied him and said that he was just consoling himself because he was being hurt deep inside.

Eddy Kenzo was in consolation mood as his Baby mama Rema introduced new catch hamza Ssebunya to her parents (photo: Internet)

Kenzo also sent a notice showing that he was not going to attend one of the show in which he had been announced in Labonita on that day. Some fans still related it to the Kukyaala and they replied to him that they knew it since he was still mending the broken heart after the snub from Rema to a doctor.

Jane Far said,” toyinza kubaayo, I can understand.”

An online comedian Sesa Bat said,”wama bakuleke coz today you have to perform at Sebuholes mukolo”, “Kenzo kale olaba, ebyakulema Dr Sebuhole byakoze ekimyula akipasudde.”

Lisha Sophy Jeremiah said,”we understand, how can you performed when your woman and baby are busy dancing on Kukyaala, thanking God for a good man…?”


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