Uganda Muslim Supreme Council petitioned over Kenzo-Muzaata fracas

Eddy Kenzo has made it on the top African music list of 2019

By Derrick Asaba
Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s letter of apology to singer Eddy Kenzo yielded no fruition as he wants him to apologize for the hasty remarks he made at Rema’s kukyaala.
Kenzo posted on his social media platforms; Instagram and Facebook a 30seconds video recently in the local dialect threatening not to perform on any Uganda musical stage least the Sheikh has apologized.

“Sigenda kudamu kulinya Ku stage kuyimba mu Uganda mpaka Sheikha lwanavayo nabisazamu. Bwanaaba tabisazizamu, silidamu kuyimba my gwanga lyaffe Uganda Ku stage wadde negi! Mbebaza nyo. Mwebale kunfula kino kyendi. Kyemumpagiddeko kimala, kantandikile awo. Kankole ebilala,” he said in undertones in the video.

Meanwhile, his decision influenced more talk including renowned figures and organisations. Ugandans at heart via started a petition that required a maximum of 200 votes to the Uganda Muslim Supreme council.

“Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata publically provoked Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo in matters concerning his family issues as the Sheikh told the artiste to go and marry his mother who died years ago, ‘RIP’. As fellow country men and women, we are not willing to look at this mess happening in our country and we stay silent.We request for a public request for forgiveness from Sheikh Muzaata to Eddy Kenzo and we have taken legal orders through the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council for a fair citizen right protection.

Douglas Lwanga is among those who have petitioned

Our artiste is not willing to perform on any music stage in Uganda if the Sheikh does not clear the public about his arrogance statement he made,” the text read.
By press time, this had reached to181 votes with most voters agitating for an apology by the Sheikh.
This, however, some saw it in other angles and advised Kenzo not to be emotionally influenced.

Douglas Lwanga, media personality: “We can’t control what is said against us, but one thing for sure is we can control how we react towards words said against us. Don’t stop singing Eddy Kenzo. Your calling is greater than Sheikh Muzaata’s words,” he tweeted.
Martin Sempa, pastor and activist: “Please Kenzo, I am offering you free counselling. I can meet you and Muzaata and we talk. Don’t let this end up like the Kasuku situation and don’t make rash decisions,” he said in a tweet.


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