Aganaga stings Rema, Muzaata, Hamza in song


By Derrick Asaba

Bad Character’s Khalifah Aganaga has hit studio and produced a song that addresses the ongoing situation that surrounds Rema breakup with Kenzo for Hamza Ssebunya.

Notably, while in an interview with one of the local media, Aganaga confesses he is “Team Kenzo” and this explains why in this song he is merciful for Kenzo as most of the lines attack the other side (Rema’s).

In what music critics call adding salt to the wound, Aganaga depicted different lines from Rema’s songs like Deep in love, Siri Muyembe and Yo sweet to relay his message in this song. He is blamed for escalating the issues.

Rema and Dr. Hamza Ssebunya have come under attack

In the song, “Mpiso Teyesigamwa” he sings about how Rema signalled her intentions in songs, and cheated on her baby daddy with a gynaecologist. He goes on to sing about Muzaata’s insults on Kenzo while the daughter Amaal was around at the Kukyaala held in Naguru weeks before.

In one of the lines, “Mpiso teyesigamwa, abantu,” he sings repeatedly.

This comes a day after Kenzo uploaded a video on his Facebook site all in anger and sobs calling for government and the Muslim fraternity’s intervention in his matters saying he is deprived of his rights and dignity as a father.

In the video, Kenzo further revealed that he is currently frustrated and can hardly think rightly, and that there are some individuals who he referrs to as ‘Mafias’ paid to depress him which would lead to his eventual death.

This has since grabbed public attention and has almost everyone in talks about the tidings.

He ends advising Kenzo to act wisely with his attackers who he calls “Saba saba” loosely put as bombs waiting ignition in the song.


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