Kenya Airways responds to Zari’s robbery claims


By Derrick Asaba

City socialite and businesswoman, Zarina Hassan Tale commonly known as Zari, recently confessed her disgust with Kenya Airways after being robbed part of her travel luggage.

What tickled Zari the most as noticed in her message dubbed, “Robbery Alert” was the loss of her perfumes which she said was a wrong place to touch and couldn’t stay dumb on it.

Zari took to social media to claim she was robbed by KQ (Photo: Courtesy)

She was so disappointed with the unfortunate incident thus couldn’t bear it all to herself but to share the experience on her social sites.

“So disappointed, yet you claim to be the pride of Africa. You are a disgrace Kenya Airways,” she confessed in a tweet.

At notice of this, Kenya airlines never hesitated but responded to her pledging to counter the allegation by establishing what happened.

“Dear Zari, we desire for all our customers to have a positive experience. We’ve reached out to you to obtain your travel details to enable us to coordinate with the management at the airport of transfer (JHB, JKIA and EBB) to establish what happened. We kindly await your response,” Kenya Airways responded.

Zari took this in. This, on the other hand raised further accusations of the same unfortunate circumstances experienced while during travel from other persons who in reply to Zari’s tweet, raised.

Kenya airlines took an innocent side in an attempt to bury the hatchet by promising positive response if the claims were proved.


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